Monday, 26 January 2015

Cycle 13

So we have started cycle 13.

We've been sexing it up every other day, I've been using the ovulation sticks since day 12 (my cycle is 32 days ish, but has been 30 in the past so I thought to be on the safe side I would start checking early) and so far no ovulation.  Not that I'm expecting ovulation just yet.

We are enjoying ourselves as much as we can and taking it easy.

Having said that Bean did get upset yesterday worrying about his swimmers.  He was talking about getting a home testing kit.  I have looked at this before - in a moment of desperation - and they don't seem very accurate with mixed reviews, so I have encouraged him to wait this cycle out like we had planned and we'll both go to the doctors next month for further investigations.  I would hate if the test gave us bad news or false hope.  The home tests do not test for the same things that a proper test at the hospital tests for.  Plus hospital test will be free!

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