Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Period Shmeriod!

Yes so I came on.

Usually pre period symptoms on Sunday then started properly yesterday.  It's pants.

I was upset about it yesterday.  I told Bean and he was disappointed too but last night we were talking about it and joking around. We've decided we're going to get pregnant this month!

I've ordered some digital ovulation tests to help make sure we are being accurate.

Bean told me in bed last night that he had been talking to his friend whilst out biking yesterday, he told him how we were trying to get pregnant and he was worried that his swimmers might not be doing their job.  I don't want him to get worried about it.  We said that we'd have this month trying with the digital, then go to the doctors next month.  I can at least say we've been having sex at the right time.

I've started watching trying to conceive vlogs on youtube and they are helpful.  It's good to know that other people are going through it too.  I've been pinning like mad on pinterest.  Baby DIY, pregnancy tips, baby love, kid ideas.  I swear my friends on there must think I am actually pregnant the amount I pin about baby things!

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