Saturday, 10 January 2015

Two Week Wait

or 2WW, or TWW.

Things you didn't think you would need to know when trying to conceive (TTC). Acronyms and abbreviations!

That's an aside.

I'm in my 2 week wait.  That time between ovulation and period (or more hopefully, lack of period and a positive pregnancy test (BFP - Big Fat Positive!))

If I got it right then I ovulated on or around the 27th December. That means I'm 14 days passed ovulation. If I'm right then I should be able to pee on a stick now and see if I'm pregnant.  I think I have a long luteal phase so I'm still a couple of days from the start of my period.  I'm not going to test until I'm late. This means that as well as being obsessed for the last 2 weeks with all things pregnancy, I can now do it for a few more days.

What have I been doing with my TWW? Monitoring my symptoms. So far nothing really different from what I would ordinarily expect at this point in my cycle.  My boobs are particularly tender.  I have a cat and he came for a cuddle this morning.  He stood on my chest and it was like needles! My nipples are really tender.  This is over sharing but I've been constipated - now sorted by eating more fruit and veg - and bloated.  All very normal.  But I have noticed that I'm a lot more thirsty than normal.  Well I think I am. I'm sure I'm reading too much into it.

I've also been looking on due date calculators.  If I got my ovulation date right then I would be due 19th September.  I always check my suspected due date every month.  Mainly because we do have plans this year.  We are meant to be going to the Manx TT end of August beginning of September. For my father in laws 50th birthday. I'm meant to be riding pillion with Bean on his Morini. This obviously won't be happening if I'm about ready to drop. But I guess we also have to considered that it might not be sensible being over on the Isle of Man so close to my due date.  Look at me imagining that I'm actually pregnant.  Which I'm probably not, because I'm usually not!

We haven't booked our ferry ticket yet because we just want to confirm that I'm not pregnant first before making a decision about this. If I'm not pregnant then we are going to book it, because you can't put your life on hold.  

According to if I did ovulate on 27th December, the first baby heart beat will be on 24th January.  It also tells you the date you move into your 2nd and 3rd trimesters, when you can expect to feel the first baby movements, what date after the baby is most likely to survive outside the womb, and even when maternity clothes might need to be considered!

I've been spending some time looking at baby things on ebay (don't tell Bean but I may have purchased a couple of items - nothing expensive!) And not drinking alcohol.  I've decided, after looking at the research around moderate drinking in pregnancy that I don't want to drink during the first 12 weeks.  After this I might have the odd glass of wine or half a cider or shandy.  On special occasions.  Before now I thought I would just stop drinking when I have a confirmed pregnancy test but after more thought (and research) I can't ignore the 2 week wait period.  These are the crucial first weeks of pregnancy.

I know I'm mad, bonkers, barmy! I don't care.  One way or another I will be having a baby, it might not be now but it will be at some time in our future and there is no harm in being a little prepared.

Otherwise life goes on, and we need to make changes to our house.  It is untidy after Christmas and I'm thinking about redecorating this year. And kind of dreaming about the baby's room! So I will distract myself with that for a while!

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