Thursday, 5 November 2015

IUI Round One

IUI round one actually started less than a week after our planning appointment.  Day one of my cycle (first day of my period) fell on 17th September.  As instructed I called the fertility clinic to book a day 10 scan.  This became a day 9 scan as they don't do scans on weekends.

I started taking my one tablet of clomid on day 2 until day 6.

The scan was an internal scan (think dildo with condom and lots of lube only much less sexual!) to check how thick my uterine lining was and for follicles.  They would allow one follicle of 17mm and another of 14mm or less.  No more of this size.  If I had more, then this round would be abandoned at this point and we would continue with a natural cycle the next month.

As is happens, I had one follicle that was about 16mm, and another that was about 13mm, both on my left ovary.  (I was getting some discomfort on that side) The nurse was very happy with these results and gave me 5 ovulation tests with instructions.  She also advised that I call if I hadn't had a positive ovulation predictor kit (OPK) by the following Wednesday.

I very nearly forgot to test the next morning.  I had to put signs up by the toilet and on the bathroom door to remind me.

Oh, by the way.  We had to abstain from unprotected sex until after the IUI.  But also had to time this 'barrier sex' so that the sample would be no less than 2 days old and no more than 7 days old at the time of the procedure.  It wasn't that complicated, but I can tell you that ovulation does not occur when you expect it to or when you want it to!

By the Wednesday I was still getting pasty thin pink lines on my OPK's,so gave the clinic a call.  They booked me in for another scan to see what was going on.  This scan showed that the larger follicle was now 3cm, and the other follicle behind it was about 1.5cm.  The nurse actually thought that the larger follicle was now a cyst.  She explained that this is quite normal, we produce them occasionally, that this would burst without too much issue to me and that I would likely ovulate the smaller follicle behind it.  She gave me more OPK's, told us to have barrier sex that night to 'clear the tubes!' and if I didn't ovulate by the following Monday to call again.

If I hadn't ovulated they would have abandoned the cycle, starting again the following month, but this time with a trigger shot to force ovulation.

Well, I went home from the clinic, explained to Bean, and went to work.  We were both pretty tired when we got home, so we didn't have sex (ooops).  Good job really because the next morning I had a positive OPK (Yay!) and we had to go in for IUI!

It was all very exciting this initial round. We were both so hopeful. Bean produced a good sample, I was told numbers looked good and I had the procedure with little problem.  The most uncomfortable speculum insertion, but passing the catheter wasn't a problem, and I could grit my teeth for the slow delivery of the sample.  Then I lay there for 20 minutes, as I had read some research that suggests this improves success rates.  The nurse was lovely.  I went out of there positively skipping.

The slightly-longer-than-two-week-wait-for-me-cos-I-have-a-long-cycle started.

I felt so different. Perhaps it was the clomid making my pre-menstrual symptoms stronger, perhaps it was all in my head. It just felt different this month.

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