Saturday, 14 November 2015

One more week..

...of the two week wait.

It's been OK.  I haven't been positive but I haven't been completely negative.  To be honest, I haven't really talked about it much.  Me and Bean have talked about the next step a little. I'm pregnant until proven otherwise so I have been eating healthily, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and avoiding heavy lifting at work.

I have read this book.

Plan to get pregnant by Zita West.  She has a holistic fertility clinic in London.

I borrowed it from a friend months ago. But until this week I didn't feel motivated to really read it.  I had skimmed through the first chapter.  This book is great though. It answers most of your questions about fertility, natural conception and assisted conception.  It is written in the context of the UK and the NHS.  It is not completely medically minded, though it answers those questions, it has a more whole view and encourages alternative therapies.  It has been useful in helping me get my head around the possibility and the process of IVF.

Yet, I have another week to go before I find out if I'm pregnant this time or not.  I suppose it could be true.  I don't feel any different really.  This week, I have felt better than I have since the beginning of this cycle.  It's also a week til I have 2 weeks off work. I'm looking forward to that!

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