Sunday, 20 December 2015

IVF prep

In the grand scheme of things we have a couple of months off.  This is great over the Christmas period because it means we can both be free to enjoy alcoholic beverages and indulge in some festive treats without too much worry.

That being said I am winding up for a health kick once Christmas is over.  I am signing up for the gym between Christmas and New Year.  I imagine my local gym will be much quieter than the one in town, and I plan to try out all the different classes they have to offer.  I get corporate membership (25% discount - whoop) so there really is no excuse. As a warm up to this, I have been doing a fitness DVD that I have had for years but have never completed!  The Firm Express has multiple 20 minute workouts.  The idea is you do a different workout, 3 times a week, and they build in intensity as you go along. I am moving on to the 2nd week next week.  I have also been going out for the occasional run.  Don't think I'm going miles here, I'm not. I am running around the block, and it takes me about 10 minutes.

I think this falls into the realms of 10 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, as I was advised by my counsellor.
Heart pumping = endorphins pumping

I started visiting an acupuncturist last week. She specialises in women's issues and infertility.  I have been thinking about going to an acupuncturist for some time, as there is research out there that suggests acupuncture can increase your chances of conceiving.  And even if it doesn't do that, it will help support me psychologically through this process.  I have seen her twice, and I am seeing her again at the end of January.

She has asked me to start temperature charting. The prospect of this doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  I did do basal body temperature for a little while, about a year and a half ago.  I stopped as it became an obsession! But she just wants an idea of my cycle.  She is also a herbalist, so I will be getting a prescription from her next time I see her. This will be tailored to my cycle. As it happens my next cycle will be starting in the next couple of days so I can get started straight away.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is no such thing as unexplained infertility.  The same is really the case in Western Medicine (the cause just hasn't been found yet, and may never be found) but in TCM the brief explanation is stagnation of Qi.   This Qi energy is not moving around the body properly.  This can be rectified in many ways (diet, exercise, relaxation) including acupuncture and shiatsu.  As I am currently training to be a shiatsu practitioner, I receive treatment regularly, from my peers.  Shiatsu is less invasive, no needles, lots of manipulation of the joints and movement of the muscles but essentially a massage.  Where as acupuncture will always focus on specific points throughout the body.

Both acupuncture sessions I have had so far have been very interesting.  I suffer from psoriasis and this has already shown improvement! As for the infertility, only time will tell.

Otherwise, my IVF prep consists of having a jolly good Christmas, spending some much needed quality time with family and friends, and chilling out.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year,

May 2016 be our year!! 

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