Monday, 21 March 2016

An update

I haven't written for a while.

I've not written in a while because it's all been a bit difficult.  The build up to treatment was hard emotionally, and once I knew we were actually going ahead I had a major wobble.

It's a testament to the support network I have around me that I have got to this point, and I'm, for the most part, feeling better about it all.

So, an update:

Cycle day one was Sunday 21st February, I called the clinic on the Monday to find out if we were going for it this cycle. Thankfully, we were a go!

On the Tuesday I went in for the baseline (dildo cam) scan and blood test.  There were two specialist nurses. Two! One doing my scan another reading/checking my paperwork. If you have never had a baseline scan, basically they scan each ovary and count how many follicles there are on each.  Well, she just kept clicking.  I have about 30 follicles.  They didn't give me an exact number, and I didn't ask. Basically, too many to count! They sent me for my blood test but did say it was unlikely to be bad with that many follicles, and to call back later to book an injection lesson.

Fast forward to 10th March for our injection lesson. More a demonstration really.  I don't feel like she 'taught' me much.  She didn't give Bean the opportunity to try it out either.  I got given an auto injector.  You load the syringe into it, place it against your leg, press the button (it fires the syringe) and count to 10.  During the demonstration it made a loud "thwack" noise as it hit the desk.  Just what you want to hear when you start injecting 2 days after! Anyway, she then gave us all our injection supplies for the cycle and we went off to pharmacy to pick up all the medication I would need for the cycle too.

ALL the medication!

  • Suprecur for down regulation
  • Fostimon (FSH) for stimulation
  • Pregnl to trigger ready for egg retrieval
  • Doxycyline, antibiotics for egg retrieval
  • Cyclogest progesterone pessaries for building my lining back up for transfer (and hopefully beyond)
I have been instructed to inject 0.5 ml of suprecur every morning, at exactly the same time (of my choosing) before 9 am.  I chose 8.45 am, because that seems most convenient with work (when I'm on an early shift I will have to do my injection at work so this just seemed like about the right time to be able to run off for a few minutes) Starting from cycle day 21.

That was Saturday 12th March.  I used the auto injector and thought it wasn't too bad, I could stick with it.  Got a lovely bruise after my injection (that still hasn't gone yet) but wasn't too bad.  Then I used it on the Sunday. It hurt like a bitch! It just injects the suprecur far too quickly, which hurts, leaves a lump and a bruise.  Also, I nearly fainted after!! I had binned the needle, then everything started closing in around me. I slid myself down in bed, and Bean said I'd lost all the colour in my face! That decided it for me really, from then on I have done my injections free hand.  I can take my time with it, it doesn't leave a lump or a bruise, you can barely tell I've been injecting myself.  And no fainting! 

I have now been injecting for 10 days, I am waiting to come on my period, at which point I need to contact the clinic again.  

Side effects from the suprecur include tiredness, headaches, hot flushes and mood swings.  Well I have been hit by uber tiredness.  I genuinely can't believe how tired I am.  It hit me about day 4 and it just hasn't lifted.  Apparently it won't until I start stims.  I've had the occasional hot flush too, I can cope with them.  Thankfully no headaches.  As for mood swings, you might have to ask Bean about that! I'm always grumpy when I'm tired so I don't think it's been anything out of the ordinary for me! 

I'm taking it easy, chilling as much as possible, and will hopefully feel a bit more awake once I start stims.  

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