Tuesday, 26 April 2016

22 to 5

The Saturday after egg retrieval the embryologist called to give us an update.  Of the 22 eggs retrieved, 12 were showing signs of fertilisation.  We were really pleased with that.

I was feeling really bloated and sore still.  All the different medication and being messed around had caused me some serious constipation, which just added to my discomfort.  Nothing seemed to be working to get over that. I had started oral antibiotics, a standard precautionary procedure, the afternoon after retrieval, and progesterone pessaries Saturday morning.

On the Sunday the embryologist called again to let us know the plan.  Of the 12 that showed signs of fertilisation, 10 embryos had continued to divide, most being 4 cells, and looking high quality.  As they were doing so well, they had decided that a day 5 embryo transfer would be good. She explained that only one embryo would be transferred (we already knew they would prefer to do single embryo transfer) as the risk of multiples is higher with 5 day blastocysts. Transfer would be at 11 am on the Wednesday.  We should not were perfumed products (just like at egg retrieval) as the perfume can get into the solution that contains the embryo and cause it to become toxic.  She said that, as you'd expect, none of the staff were perfume or deodorant either for the same reason.  We would all be smelly together!

I still had constipation on the Sunday, so we made a trip to the pharmacy for lactulose. Thankfully, that did the trick.  I did not want to be uncomfortable at embryo transfer.

By the Tuesday I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

I needed to have a full bladder for transfer.  Anyone that knows me well will know how difficult I would find that.  It wasn't actually that bad.  You do not need to be desperate! I went to the loo before we left the house, 30 minute journey to the clinic, planned to get there a little early to 'top-up' from the water fountain, but really didn't feel that I needed too.  By the time we were called in to transfer I had the urge to go to the toilet again so I knew my bladder would be full enough to make the imaging better for the ultra sound scan.

There were 2 lovely specialist nurses, the consultant and the embryologists when we went in to the transfer room.  The embryologist asked me my date of birth a number of times! Just to be sure the correct embryo was going into the correct uterus!  She informed us that, at this point only 1 other embryo had made it to the freezer, but they were giving the others another day to catch up. She asked if we wanted to see a photo of the embryo being transferred.  We didn't hesitate, yes we did want to see. It was really quite emotionally.  We have the photo, and it is potentially the first ever image of our little Sprocket!

After a few more checks it was on with the procedure.

It was much like a smear test. I mean, if at a smear test it takes 10 minutes for the doctor to find your cervix, using 2 different sized speculum without any lubrication.

"Have you ever had any trouble with smear tests?" "Nope, never!" Ye Gods! It's definitely down there!

The bed was raised about 5 inches and then he finally got it. Yay.

Other than the discomfort of this, there was no other pain or further discomfort.  A thin catheter was passed into my uterus, we could see this on the ultrasound image, then the solution containing the embryo was slowly pushed in.  A little, white flare was seen on the ultrasound.  The catheter was removed and checked under a microscope to make sure the embryo had definitely gone in.  And that was that!

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!!!!

I was given aftercare instructions.  No heavy lifting, no strenuous activity, no sex, take it easy until test day. On test day I will take a urine sample into the clinic, hand it in a reception, go for a beta HCG blood test, and then see the nurse to be given the results of the urine test.

The next day I received a phone call from the embryologist to let us know that 3 other embryos had caught up over night and were going into the freezer.  That means we are lucky enough to have 4 little frosties!

We have a date for test day.  And we're not telling anyone. Sorry, not sorry!

We would kindly request that no one ask if "there is any news?"

We will tell you soon enough, either way.

We have both found that being open about our journey has been very therapeutic.  We have been blown away by the support we have received.

One thing this journey has taken from us is the element of surprise.  There will be no big reveals because you will be waiting in anticipation.  And although we love that you are excited, it is our news to share, so please, let us have our glory if and/or when the time comes.   And if you find out before someone else, shhhhh. It's a secret!

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