Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Egg retrieval

We got to the hospital around 7am on Friday morning.  Way too early but it gave us time to nip to the shop to get a magazine.  I was really uncomfortable already, so bloated and tender.  We still had to wait for the clinic to open! And were practically the first through the doors at 7.30.

There were 3 other couples waiting too.  We didn’t talk to them, only exchanging the odd knowing glance.  I wonder who will be called down first? I know how you feel hunny! I wonder if you feel as uncomfortable as I do?  I’m starving too!

Turns out we were the last on the list for the morning.  We spoke with the anaesthetist first; a very friendly man.  He put me at ease, explaining his role and what he would be doing to look after me.  I would be having a strong sedative to put me to sleep, but would be breathing for myself.

Back to the waiting room….

We were then called by one of the lovely specialist nurses. She went through the procedure again, repeating the questions the anaesthetist asked and checked that I understood the associated risks.  She also explained that I would be given a strong anti-inflammatory painkiller called voltarol, as a suppository (up the bum!), this would be while I was sedated so I wouldn’t know anything about it.  They obviously had to ask my permission though! She took my blood pressure.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that high! 131/98. She didn’t check it again.  She knew it was because I was anxious, my blood pressure the Saturday before was only 117/68.

Then we went back to the waiting room….(Bean went off to do his bit)...and then we waited….and waited…and waited…for what seemed like an actually eternity!

We waited for over 3 hours before I was called down to prep for the procedure. In that time, I became more and more uncomfortable sat on the waiting room chairs.  I would have a little walk outside, sit for a while, watch the TV, read a magazine, check my phone, check Instagram, check Facebook, send messages to people who had sent their love, go for another walk down the corridor. I tried to do a meditation with a track I have on my phone but I just couldn’t relax properly.  Maybe it helped a little bit. It was horrible! Not because I was worried about the procedure, because I was in pain. I was about to lose it completely when we finally got called down, around 10.45.

I changed into my hospital gown, put on my fluffy socks and dressing gown and we waited in a scan room. The surgeon performing the procedure came to see us to say hello and check everything again.  Then 5 minutes later I was collected by one of the theatre assistants.

That’s when I got really nervous!

There were lots of people in the theatre room, many faces I knew thankfully, though it was all a bit over whelming.  I did think I was going to cry before I lay down on the bed.  But I didn’t! And the team worked really really quickly. No messing about at all.  Blood pressure cuff was on, cannula was put in the back of my hand, heart monitoring was put on (all standard procedure).  The anaesthetist then said “so here’s some gin and tonic!” and “here’s the antibiotic” (prophylactic), as he was putting the antibiotics in I started to get a strange taste in my mouth and feel spaced out (the G&T!) I said “I feel weird” “like you’re a bit drunk?” “yeah”….it was great, I had no more worries from this point on. 

He then said “this is the sleepy stuff, try and keep your eyes open for as long as possible” The theatre assistant put an oxygen mask on my face, I stared at the ceiling for as long as I could, it started to go an orangey red colour.

Then I woke up in a side room. It was all over and done with.  The clock said 11.35.  Bean was there.  I did not want to open my eyes. I felt really disappointed because my tummy hurt! I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a very sleepy conversation with Bean and the nurse looking after me.  It’s like that time when you’re falling asleep and someone is trying to talk to you but all you want to do is sleep.  The nurse said we had 22 eggs retrieved! 22!

It didn’t take me long to come round, Bean took a horrible selfie of me half asleep! And a little video!
The voltarol eventually kicked in and I had some paracetamol to help.  Still very tender but not as bad as before the procedure.  I was advised to drink plenty to reduce chance of OHSS, which can occur after egg retrieval.  I had a drink and eventually came round enough to go home.

I spent the rest of the day either on the sofa or in bed.  To be honest, that’s how I spent the next couple of days.

We had some lovely messages of support on Friday and beyond.  I want to say thank you so much to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts.  It's really helped at a difficult time.  

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