Saturday, 14 January 2017

Some days you just have to cry in the shower

...or the bath as it was today.  I don't think I've cried for at least a week.  That has got to be a record at this point.

It's day 2 of my cycle, 3 days since we had out followup WTF appointment, 20 days until I start down regulation for the final time, 71 days since we found out I would miscarry.

(I'm not actually counting the day since then, its amazing what you can find on the internet.  Look, I was born 11839 days ago.)

I would have been around 14 weeks now.  But it's best not to think about that.

Since New Year I have been filling my days with plans and lists.  Working on written assignments for my shiatsu course, talking about shiatsu on Facebook and Twitter, and laying the ground work for a therapy business I can't start yet.  I can keep my mind busy, I just wish I could motivate myself to keep my body busy.  There is the BIG list of things that need to be done in the house and garden.  But it's been a bit too cold to get in the garden.

Yesterday I was going to paint the fence, and then I woke up to snow!


Our follow up appointment went as I expected.  Good we got pregnant, embryos failed to grow, early miscarriage, no real explanation for this.  Good quality embryos. Very good transfer.  Yes to endometrial scratch this time - I was surprised he agreed to that - I'm booked in for 3rd Feb.

I'm fairly sure that why I've had a cry today.  It's coming, and it will also all be over soon.

307 days since my first ever injection of suprecur.

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