Monday, 6 November 2017

I've had a crazy idea

It's been a hard couple of months.  That's probably an understatement, because it's been a hard year.  It's been a hard few years!  4+ years of infertility and 2 years of fertility treatment have taken there toll on my body and mind. I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I've put on weight.  I feel demotivated.  I feel unhealthy and unfit.  And I feel like doing something drastic.  Something a little bit crazy.  Something over the top! I feel like making a change.

I came up with the crazy idea today of running 5 km everyday for a whole year. 

I want a challenge that was relatively achievable.  I'm sure it will be more walking/jogging at the beginning, but I used to be able to run 5k comfortably.  Here's hoping my body remembers quickly! Plus, I can do it from my own doorstep. I wanted it to be something that would help my body and my mind.  Getting out into the local country side, into the fresh air, getting the heart and the endorphins pumping.  I needed it to be something that I would be proud of achieving. A challenge that I know will be difficult at times, but that will make me feel amazing when I manage to do it.

The biggest challenge for me here, will be committing to it daily for a year.  That's why I've got to share it.  If I know people know, then I have to do it.  I can be held accountable.  And I want you to keep me on task. I give you permission!  I invite you to come out with me, keep me company, keep me going.

I'm also using it as an opportunity to raise money for The Miscarriage Association.  I want to raise awareness of the great work they do.  I want to share my experience, support others going through similar experiences, and break the taboos around talking about pregnancy loss.  Please donate on my JustGiving page.  Watching donations come in will only help motivate me further.

I'm trying to raise £1825.  One pound for every kilometer I will run over the next year. 

When am I starting this crazy journey?  Saturday 25th November. This was the estimated due date of the little one I carried for 10 weeks in my belly, and carry now forever in my heart.

Here is to healing.

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